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About Poemet

 Poemet is the heartbeat of a woman.
Believing that no matter what life will bring, the heart will continue beating
& the voice will sing clear.
Constantly changing, never still.

Our detailed hand & computer illustrated patterns are digitally printed on luxurious premium silk, 
that gives it a vibrant & vital feel.

All scarves are carefully printed & sewn in the United Kingdom.


Our inspiration is rooted in nature, in the flow & evolutions 
of the human body. Focusing into the movement of living organisms,
their metamorphosis, high's & low's,
blooming's & recreations. 

'Poemet' is a hebrew word that means 'A woman's heartbeat'.
It can also be interpreted as 'Po Emet', which means 'Here lies the truth'.
In english the meaning is of A short poem.

All together -

Your heart is beating,
Your path is pure & clear,
Your life experiences are
poetry in motion.